You Can Buy Vanuatu Citizenship With Bitcoin (or $200

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19/10/2017  · Bitcoin can buy you Vanuatu citizenship 10 Oct 2017 Vanuatu has become the first country in the world to accept the cryptocurrency Bitcoin for an investment grant of citizenship.

10 Jan 2017.

And that passport is all you need to gain entry in most countries.

Sometimes you can purchase it on arrival, often you must get it at the embassy or consulate.

Perhaps that is why the $200 visa seems a bit dissuasive.

Islands, and from the Marshall Islands to Vanuatu; and of course Tonga and Tuvalu.

As shown above, leverage allows you to buy up to 200 times more oil with your investment. For example: With a $200 investment, you can buy $40,000 worth of oil.

19/04/2018  · That said, Vanuatu offers both residency and citizenship programs that you probably haven’t heard about, but perhaps should have. For years, the country’s passport was rather inadequate; it allowed access to barely fifty countries — many of them the “usual suspects” that allow access to almost anyone — compared to the 170 or more that the world’s best passports do. In 2015.


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13/10/2017  · Bitcoin can buy you citizenship in one of the happiest countries With the 34th-most-“powerful” passport in the world and the fourth-highest happiness ranking, Vanuatu has a lot to offer—if.

02/01/2018  · You Can Buy A Passport With Bitcoin By Coinbrief Last updated on January 2, 2018 at 00:00 1 Comment Roger Ver, a Bitcoin enthusiast and investor, has bought a citizenship to St. Kitts-Nevis with Bitcoin and advertised the country’s citizenship program by retweeting a post made by the website that promotes this program.

10/10/2017  · With Bitcoin currently trading at $4,581, the program would cost you just shy of 44 bitcoin. Vanuatu is a member of the Commonwealth, an intergovernmental.

Vanuatu citizenship by investment 👉 How to obtain Vanuatu passport? Timing, costs, benefits23 Mar 2015.

Even countries that.

How to get Vanuatu second residency and citizenship – [.

] passport was rather worthless; it allowed access to barely fifty.

The Pacific nation of Vanuatu officially offers the opportunity to become a citizen less than 44 bitcoins ($200 thousand). It is reported by the Investment Migration Insider. Vanuatu is part of the Commonwealth of Nations and citizenship provides.

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